This site hasn’t been updated since 2012. You can still peruse who I was back then, but know that much of what I think, feel, write, and do has changed. I still occassionally take on interesting projects/clients, so feel free to reach out if that’s what brought you here. — Nishant

I’m Nishant & I live vicariously through a Weimaraner*


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About Me

I am the cofounder of a little company, Minky. Prior to Minky, I worked at Microsoft as an evangelist and strategist where I enjoyed solving problems holistically using my multidisciplinary background. I’ve also worked at Amazon and Purdue University in various roles in past lives.

I’m interested in and write about much — from the design of products to the design of people — and this is my safe haven to indulge it all. I also write a monthly-ish column on A List Apart titled The Human Web. If any of this sounds like your thing, grab a seat and make yourself comfy.

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  2. Build '13 Experience

    Minky served as the creative agency for the Build 2013 creative. This included overseeing and producing everything from content and online strategy to signage and printed material.

  3. Founded Minky

    My wife and I left Microsoft together to start our own company, Minky.

    Read Gray Matters
  4. Build '12 Experience

    I served as the Experience Director for Build 2012. I was responsible for the overall Build user experience: everything from badges and signage to the keynote tent experience.

  5. The Story of the New

    Wrote an article about what went into the launch of the new home page. The post made it to the top 3 of Hacker News (and almost brought down my site).

    Read The Story of the New CSS Squirrel Feature (squeee!) →
  6. Home Page

    Served as the advisor for the home page redesign. The new design was very well-received by press, customers, & the web community alike. It is often cited as setting the bar for modern, corporate web design.

    Check out Paravel’s case study →
  7. Selling out the Build Conference

    Partnered with Paravel, Inc. to build a simple site to help sell out the annual Build conference. The conference sold out in 53 minutes, beating the prior record by over 5 weeks.

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  8. Championed the picture element proposal within Microsoft & with select W3C representatives. The specification was cowritten by Mat Marquis & Adrian Bateman, making the Responsive Images Community Group the first W3C CG to get major traction for an element proposal.

  9. Rainypixels Letterpress Cards

    First attempt at hand-illustrated letterpress business cards.

    Check them out →
  10. Getting Honey Badgers to Throw it Down

    Led the planning & creative for Badger Palooza: a private party at SxSW for some of top web professionals in the world. Not that they cared.

  11. Commissioned the creation of a cross-browser implementation of the Grid Positioning Module as an eCSStender plugin.

    Check it out →
  12. 10K Apart: Responsive Edition

    Led the launch, creative, & execution of the second 10K Apart contest in partnership with Jeffrey Zeldman & Eric Meyer. The 10K Apart site, designed in partnership with Paravel, Inc., marked the first responsive site from Microsoft.

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  13. Rainyshots for WordPress

    Created Rainyshots: a plugin to display your latest Dribbble shots on WordPress.

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  14. Managed relations with top developers & designers on behalf of IE9 alongside my partner-in-crime at Microsoft, Joshua Allen. This culminated in the mother of all shindigs at SxSW on IE9’s launch day: March 14, 2011.

  15. Sponsored & supported the creation of a new community site, Web Standards Sherpa, by WaSP. Designed by Dribbble cofounder, Dan Cederholm.

    Read more on the WaSP blog → Check out Web Standards Sherpa →
  16. Lost World’s Fairs

    Commissioned Jason Santa Maria to run with this typographic expoloration. He put together an all-star team consisting of Frank Chimero, Naz Hamid, Trent Walton, & Dave Rupert. The project has been tweeted over 18,000 times.

    Check out Lost World’s Fairs → Read Jason’s post →
  17. 10K Apart

    Cofounded the 10K Apart contest in partnership with Joshua Allen, Jeffrey Zeldman, & Eric Meyer. The contest was a hit with the community. Over 350 entries were ubmitted in less than a month & it was tweeted over 20,000 times.

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  18. Bill Buxton’s MIX10 Closing Keynote Address

    I helped write & craft Bill Buxton’s closing keynote address at MIX10 to an audience of 2500 people (& thousands more online). Bill was the highest rated keynote speaker at MIX10.

    Watch Bill’s Keynote Address →
  19. A Website Named Desire

    What does it take to get a web site off the ground? A Website Named Desire, a poster Erik Saltwell & I conceptualized, answers that question. I served as Creative Director, and the talented Jason Robards at XPlane produced it.

    Check out A Web Site Named Desire →
  20. The MIX Online Redesign

    I led the redesign of MIX Online. The team included Matt Brown & Tiffani Jones, Evan Sharp (who went on to cofound Pinterest), and members of the MIX Online team. It won "Best of 2009" on the now discontinued Paul Scrivens' Drawar CSS Showcase, beating over 1500 sites from well-known designers and agencies.

    Read the 4-part series about the redesign →
  21. The Channel 9 Redesign

    I led the redesign of Channel 9, Microsoft’s most vibrant developer community hosting thousands of hours of video content. The team included Nick Finck, the principal of Blue Flavor at the time, Kevin Tamura, Matt Brown, & members of the Channel 9 engineering team.

    Check out Channel 9 →
  22. MIX09 Keynote Addresses

    I helped write & choreograph Bill Buxton’s opening keynote address at MIX09. I also championed a closing keynote address by Deborah Adler, the designer who revolutionized the prescription pill bottle.

    Watch Bill’s keynote address → Watch Deborah’s keynote address →
  23. Founded the UX track — a 3-day, 10 session track on user experience — at the MIX Conference.

  24. MIX Online

    I cofounded MIX Online: a community for web designers & web developers. Over the next three years, the site grew to become Microsoft’s unofficial web professional community, helped shape the MIX conference, and contributed hundreds of articles and open source projects to the world.

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  25. Cofounded & ran a program known as Artists in Residence. Its goal was to train the world's top design agencies in Silverlight & Expression. Close to 300 designers & developers from around 100 agencies passed through the program.

    Read about AiR →
  26. Joined Microsoft

    Joined Microsoft’s Evangelism team as a User Experience Evangelist. While I remained on the team until I left Microsoft, my role changed quite a bit during my tenure.

  27. Kindle Direct Publishing

    I served as the Program Manager for Kindle Direct Publishing, a service that helped authors publish their books directly on the Kindle Store. I was responsible for the user experience of the service, & also managed its launch.

    Check out Kindle Direct Publishing →
  28. Amazon Instant Video (formerly, Unbox)

    I served as the Lead Program Manager for Amazon Instant Video, Amazon’s 35th product category. My role involved driving all aspects of the product: user experience, milestones schedule, management of cross-team dependencies, etc.

    Check out Amazon Instant Video →
  29. Joined Amazon

    Joined Amazon as an Engineer, but shortly after joining switched to Program Management.

  30. SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program Chair

    After several SIGGRAPH jury & committee positions, I was invited to chair the SIGGRAPH 2005’s Web Graphics Program.

    Explore the SIGGRAPH 2005 Web Program →
  31. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    I earned my second degree from Purdue University as well. I graduated magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.83. I dropped out of my M.S. program.

  32. I earned a research fellowship to attend Purdue’s Master of Science in Computer Graphics Program.

  33. Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media

    I earned my first degree from Purdue University. I graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA at the top of my graduating class.

  34. I served as a lecturer for the senior-level class on advanced programming concepts to earn credit for the class.

  35. Coauthored Flash MX: Advanced Actionscript

    A research assistantship turned writing job, I wrote half of this textbook in the summer of my junior year. The book was used as the textbook for a class I had to take the subsequent semester. I was awarded credit for teaching part of the class.

    Check out the book →
  36. Worked as a teaching assistant for several classes including a general introduction to scripting & tagging technologies, an introduction to Flash, & advanced programming concepts for interactive media.

  37. Joined Purdue University

    I entered Purdue University as a Computer Science major.


I've delivered highly rated talks and workshops at national & international conferences over the past decade. My talks track closely in spirit to my writings. They focus on giving the audience a more technical understanding of human interaction in order to help all of us better work with and influence others. I believe this is the key to our best work and happiest times.

Want me to speak at your conference, or teach a private workshop at your company? Contact me.

  1. , Bologna

    eBay Design Summit

    The Design of People

  2. , Amsterdam Annual Meeting

    The Design of People

  3. , Richmond


    Keynote: The Design of People

  4. , London

    Dare Conference

    Main Stage: The Power of Error

  5. , Freiburg

    Smashing Conf

    The Design of People

  6. , Munich

    UX Munich

    Keynote: The Honey Badger Way