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The Devil is in the Details

In case you haven't seen this already, here's a priceless gem (via @reybango).

Once your reptilian response has passed, and your blood pressure is back to normal, you have to admit that one particular detail of his proposed solution is quite curious: Put the "lesbians" in one compound, and the "gays and queers" in the other. This seemed really inefficient to me at first particularly because he'd prefaced his solution with an assertion that he'd really spent some time thinking this one through. But then it dawned upon me that he was trying to mitigate the situation of homosexuals succumbing to heterosexuality purely out of the necessity for procreation.

But, this in turn, brings up many interesting questions. Here are just two:

  1. If you were really trying to punish the "lesbians, gays, and queers", wouldn't you want them to give up their identity in the worst way possible, i.e. be forced into heterosexuality?
  2. If the concentration camp members were to start reproducing, doesn't that, in some sense, constitute a "cure"? Or at least the beginnings of a "cure"? Wouldn't you want to be the guy who "cured" them?

Needless to say, I'm being rhetorical here. If the pastor were able to answer those questions, or simply come up with those questions without assistance, he'd have delivered a very different sermon. This is not to say that he'd have a different view on the topic, but that he'd have a different strategy for achieving his goal, as severely misguided as it were, of eradicating "lesbians, gays, and queers". Instead, the strategy he employed immortalizes him in a two-minute video clip that places his bigoted ass squarely in a legendary group of modern jackasses, unites people to protest his cause and its bigotry, and arouses suspicions about his own repressed homosexuality.

The devil, truly is, in the details.