This site hasn’t been updated since 2012. You can still peruse who I was back then, but know that much of what I think, feel, write, and do has changed. I still occassionally take on interesting projects/clients, so feel free to reach out if that’s what brought you here. — Nishant

The Merry Stormtrooper

The second installment of my A List Apart column. In case you missed it, it's worth reading the first one to establish some continuity. This next one is about finding happiness in shitty jobs and situations. And, coping with the scars of past loves:

It was SXSW 2009, and I’d just bumped into someone I dated in college. This was the first time we’d seen each other since our breakup. As often happens in such situations, the uncomfortable exchange had come down to one question: whose life was better?

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